Design systems are constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies and user needs, with new trends, tools, and best practices emerging all the time. The landscape of design systems is dynamic and ever-changing, requiring constant adjustment and improvement. Hence, the name: Constantly changing.

I plan to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with design systems. I have extensive experience leading or consulting for smaller teams (5-20 designers), so my experience is biased toward this context.

Those are the topics that I find interesting and will probably write about them more:

  • Design tokens and theming

  • UI libraries in Figma

  • Product management and practices for design systems

  • Usability of design systems

  • Building design systems for existing products

  • Tracking and observing design systems

  • Design quality

I’m also on Twitter, and my DMs are open to any questions. Reach out!

Who am I?

Hey, I am Jan (but since I’m from Czech Republic, everyone calls me Honza here) 👋

I work as Director of Design at where we are building the future of design systems tooling.

Before, I was leading design systems teams at Productboard and (check Orbit, an open-source design system built for travel!).

I help organizing Design Systems Community in the Czech Republic in my free time.

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Jan Toman

Design tooling & systems. Director of Design at, before Productboard and I code-ish.